The following guidance has been developed locally. They include local policies, procedures, pathways, and agreed protocols on how partner organisations should work together.

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  • Adult Exploitation Statement

    The exploitation of adults has been identified throughout the UK, in both rural and urban areas, and in all parts of the world. It damages the lives…

  • B&NES Domestic Abuse Partnership Domestic Abuse Strategy 2018 -21

    Our vision is a Bath & North East Somerset free from domestic abuse. This will be achieved through a robust, coordinated response to domestic…

  • B&NES Drug and Alcohol Strategy 2022 to 2027

    The core vision is to enable people to grow up and live free from the harms of substance use. The aims are to focus on prevention and early…

  • B&NES Safeguarding Adults Learning & Development Competency Framework

    Here is a summary of the key points from the B&NES Safeguarding Adults Learning & Development Competency Framework:

  • B&NES Serious Violence Plan 2024-2025 Summary

    This summary outlines a high-level plan to reduce serious violence in B&NES, through the B&NES VRP and BCSSP. It is intended to complement,…

  • B&NES Workflow for Birth Planning Meetings

    B&NES Workflow for planning of Unborn Babies

  • BCSSP Annual Report 2022-23

    Explore the BCSSP Annual Report for a comprehensive overview of our commitment to safeguarding and community safety in 2022-2023.

  • BCSSP Dispute Resolution Policy (September 2016)

    Key points from the Bath & North East Somerset dispute resolution policy.

  • BCSSP Escalation Protocol

    Resolution of professional disagreements in safeguarding or self-neglect decisions.

  • BCSSP Managing Allegations Protocol 2022

    This guidance recognises that despite rigorous safer recruitment processes there will be occasions when allegations of abuse against children are…

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