Accessibility for all has been one of the major drivers behind the creation of this website. We have tried to make sure that this site can be used with access technologies to make the site as user friendly and accessible as possible.

If you have any problems using the site, we would really like to know.  We will try and sort it out quickly and offer you advice. You can email us at or call us on 01225 395130.

Changing colours, font, text size and other settings

All modern browsers allow you to change colours and font sizes. We have tried to create a site which does not get in the way when you change these settings.

How to adjust your text size

Internet Explorer

To increase the size of the text on a web page first you will need to select “View” from the toolbar at the top of the page once selected you will then need to select “Text Size” from the list of options. You will then be presented with a different text size option to choose from. This is illustrated in the image below.

Increase Size of Text


You will need to select the “View” and then the “Zoom” option you will then be given the option to increase the size of the text or to zoom in to the page. This is illustrated in the image below:

Increase Text Size

Apple Mac

Press Cmd and + to increase the size 

Press Cmd and - to decrease the size 

Press Cmd and 0 to go back to the default size

For further advice on changing this and other settings, please visit the BBC’s accessibility pages.

You can choose your operating system (for example, Windows), your Browser (for example, Internet Explorer) and the problem you are trying to fix. You will then get lots of relevant advice on accessibility settings.

What we have done

Plain English

We try to write in plain English and avoid jargon. If you do not understand something, please let us know.

Heading structures

The site uses simple heading structures which should make it easier to navigate, especially for people who use screen readers.

Web standards

We try our best to comply with code standards (CSS and HTML) and W3C WAI guidelines.

Useful external websites

Accessible formats and translations

How to book an interpreter or translator, or how to provide information in other formats.

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